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Book 1 - The Angels of Mons
To a sixteen-year-old boy growing up in early 20th century Britain, the First World War seemed like a great adventure. Nothing could have prepared Adam for what was to come.  As a member of the Labour Corps, a group of mainly poorly educated individuals, he had to carry out some of the most disgusting tasks amid the death and carnage occurring every day on the front line.  His dreams and those of his comrades, were shattered by the appalling conditions in which men had to fight, outbreaks of disease, executions, and all the other horrors of war. 

But this is not just the story of how one person went to war as a boy and came back a man.  It also concerns the now legendary appearance of angels above a battlefield near the Belgian town of Mons.  Soldiers on both sides of the conflict were reliably reported to have witnessed a vision of angels appearing from a cloud, perhaps in an attempt to stop the slaughter.  Were they really angels, or just an apparition experienced through a haze of battlefield smoke and morning mist by wounded and dying soldiers out of their minds with pain and terror?

 A unique work of fact-based fiction, The Angels of Mons offers a fascinating insight into the work of the unsung heroes of the Great War - the labourers, stretcher-bearers, ambulance drivers and others who risked their lives supporting the front line soldiers.

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Wirral Globe 15/6/04


The Marlborough Express 14/12/04

Preface - From where did the story Angels of Mons originate......


Book 2 - Angel on my Shoulder is the sequel to The Angels of Mons.
1918 the world war is over the armistice is successful. Troops on both sides are withdrawing from the front lines. The British forces are assembling at the overcrowded channel ports waiting for ferry transport across to blighty.  Priority is given to the wounded and released prisoners of war on the ferries.

Adam finds himself on leave in Le Havre living in what was a brothel with his German friend Oscar the escaped German prisoner of war and his fiancée Denise. Before leaving for demob in England by a stroke of luck he acquires the old charabanc Pompey Lill. Denise leaves him and returns to her family at the chateau leaving Adam heartbroken. He has brief affair with a childhood friend in his home town in England.  His adopted parents are both dead killed in the flu epidemic. He believes evidence he finds leads him to locate his real mother. Unable to confront her for various reasons Adam is smuggled back to France. He establishes a successful transport business in partnership with Oscar. After many twist and turns he is reunited with Denise and they marry. He becomes extremely rich his empire grows but all the time his true parentage haunts him until he decides to return to England and resolve it.

Tragedy, success, happiness, haunting the sequel has them all.

Book 3 - Angelique is the 3rd book in the series
Book Three of The Angel Trilogy. Adam appoints experienced staff to positions of trust in the OSCADA companies. He decides it is time to unravel the complications in his own life. Adam’s planned visit to England in search of his roots goes ahead without the company of Denise.

Despite many trials and tribulations he finally succeeds in establishing his birthright as well as being catapulted into unexpected parenthood.

A serious accident sees himself with one of his friends nearly killed soon after being united with his family. After a serious threat to his liberty, Adam escapes assisted by an Albatross.

 Book 4 - Angels at Mons

An extended ebook version of Carl's first book rewritten - a much longer and many more details about the life of a Labour Corp member in WW1. The author has had to relaunch the book under a different title because the original publisher has not fulfilled his contractual agreements regarding royalties.


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